Photography is a specialty that has seen impressive growth over the recent past and part of the reason is the technological advancement that has also come with new and better equipment. There are also new applications that allow you to edit and refine the photos you take to enhance quality.

However, with all these advancements there is still a challenge getting people to offer a genuine smile while doing a photo shoot.


There are a few excellent ways to get your subject to smile

But as D. Scott Carruthers advises this is no longer a problem as there are many ways you could do it successfully. He has worked as a professional photographer and with the many years has come immense experience that he uses to assists upcoming photographers.

Here are some of the ways he suggests you could draw a genuine smile from your subjects.

Approach with a smile

A smile triggers one to act and when you approach your subjects with a smile on, you are likely to also get similar feedback. Don’t just stand there blankly as this would appear boring and getting the right facial expression will be a huge task.


Do a silly face

Doing a silly face changes the mood of your subjects as they will realize the event is not that serious after all, and out of this simple act you could get them to put on genuine smiles.


Complement them

Whenever one is complemented, chances are high they will appreciate the observation you have made of them, and in most cases, complements are greeted with smiles, which allows you to squeeze some genuine smiles from your subjects.


Tell something funny

You could also be comical by pointing something interesting that relates to the subjects and while at it you should make sure it sounds funny. Humor is the easiest way to get people to smile and this is something you could embrace in your photography.


Look at each other

Instructing your subjects to look at each other for several minutes is weird and unexpected, and amid this process they will burst into laughter, which creates a moment you could exploit to do photos that contain an awesome story.


Ask a funny question

Another technique you could use to draw genuine smiles from your subjects is inserting a funny question, which will most definitely get them to wear beautiful smiles. Creating a conversation builds confidence and your subjects will be comfortable to joke back.


Kiss on the cheek

If you are working with couples, the best way to create an awesome image is requesting one of them to kiss the other on the cheek. Definitely, the receiver will be impressed and wear a smile, after all who stares with a dry face at the receipt of a sweet kiss?


Do faces

Make it dramatic as well by requesting your subjects to wear faces. This will give you a chance to also do several shots with different postures, and most importantly it is a funny moment that they most likely will smile as a result of the feelings the activity triggers.

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