Marketing is not the same as it used to be, and neither is photography. Nonetheless, to help a professional avoid mistakes that could ruin his/her expensive marketing campaign, here are three common mistakes to avoid.

Not Including Video in Your Marketing Campaign

Video content can deliver more information within a fraction of the time that it would take for text or even photo content to deliver the same amount of information. Then there is the question of video being part of camerawork as well. Not having sufficient video content in your promotional campaigns will look like you ran out of budget or your business doesn’t offer videography as and when required.

However, understand that while you might be a talented cameraman, marketing is a different beast altogether. Check out Beverly Boys Productions, who happen to be the most well-reviewed videographer in Orlando, that has also worked with MNCs such as JBL and Dr Pepper to name just a few of their clients. They will, of course, still use your own video content in their production process while preparing your marketing strategy but rely on them to lead your video marketing campaign on social media and TV because they have the experience to do it successfully.

Not Being Able to Strike that Perfect Balance Between Professionalism and Friendliness

This is a particularly hard one because that balance can be so difficult to attain and understanding when you are being too informal or too professional is tricky work. The general idea is to portray your photography business as a friendly service, which prioritizes customer satisfaction over money. In fact, in this customer-centric era, it is the motto that every business should follow, both while marketing and while actually doing the job. Concentrate on building a reputation more than anything else, and the money will follow.

Not Being Able to Define Your Target Audience and Marketing to Everyone

Defining your target audience is of the utmost importance when you are running a photography business because there are just so many branches of photography these days. Until and unless you are able to define your target audience and devise a marketing strategy specifically for them, you are wasting resources.

One would think that such a huge number of amateur photographers out there would reduce the demand for a professional, but fortunately, that is not the situation at all.

In fact, the demand for actual, professional photographers who are good at what they do is higher right now than it was before. What is unfortunate is that most traditional photographers have failed to incorporate the concept of the modern, digital world into their photography business. It is true that there has been a decline in print media, which used to be the main source of income and employment for photography professionals, but even the thousands of websites that come online every single day need original photos, which is a gold mine for professional snappers.

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