Filming action sports is interesting and daunting at the same time depending on how you approach the art.

Many people who have embraced this as a passion have had to learn about the tricks ideal for the creation of awesome films, but it still seems a challenging pursuit especially among upcoming photographers.

Experts of photography including D. Scott Carruthers have helped by offering vital information about filming action sports and the best way to pursue it for quality.

Here are insights you should take note of to enhance your skills at action photography.


Use a lightweight gear

If you are deep into action sports, sometimes you will be required to climb mountains while filming. In such situations, you don’t need unnecessary pieces of gear that only become useful once in a while as you might plunge into discomfort, which definitely affects the quality of your filming. You need a neat photo backpack so you can carry the gear you need for the process.


You need action cameras

If you are used to a fixed length lens, then this might not be the best place to take your skills. Motion sports filming is different from other forms of filming and you might be forced to embrace action cameras, which are designed specifically to suit your activities on the field.

These cameras can add a unique perspective to the whole activity and while having one you might also want to consider getting reliable mounting equipment.

Once everything is set right, the only thing that might limit you from performing is your imagination. The other idea that could help you to achieve steady shots is getting a wider lens.

On this you can achieve many effects by just varying the position of the lens against the ground while filming.


High frame rate

If you are looking to achieve a slow motion effect in a smooth and consistent flow while filming action sports, you need to reset the frame rate.

This is because at such an event there are usually many events happening at the same time and it might prove challenging to be at the perfect position at the perfect moment. To prevent losing the quality of the image, think about using a high frame rate.

What leads to this effect is the simple fact that it drops the bitrate per frame thereby causing every frame to become more compressed while losing some detail.

However, this trade off might prove difficult to bear, so use the mode wisely.


Steady yet dynamic shots

One of the ways you could achieve steady shots is having the right gear, and this includes a perfect tripod. You can also perform perfectly while filming action sports as the equipment allows you to pursue your duties uninterrupted.

It is about getting something configured specifically to assist you in whatever action you will be performing. You might as well need to consider getting gimbals, which have continued to get smaller and lighter.

There are many that are designed for action cameras that can help you to shoot steady and dynamic shots.

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